Uncredited: Graphic Design & Opening Titles in Movies

Uncredited: Graphic Design & Opening Titles in Movies

It arrived!

Finally after a fairly long pre-order delay my book showed up the other day. This one is the definitive collection of memorable opening title sequences. Films range from the 1890’s to the classic modern standouts like “Se7en”, “Austin Powers”, “Star Wars”, “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, a few Bond films, “Alien” … you know what, if you can remember it, it’s in here.

A total bonus and surprise was the inclusion of a computer CD with Quicktimes of several dozen of the author’s favourites. Sadly, it’s not a proper DVD or BluRay for the big screen, but it offers an excellent variety of title sequences over the ages.

There are a number of stills and commentary notes on Godard, Pablo Ferro and Susan Bradley of Pixar fame.

The most incredible thing is the price: it’s an oversized hardcover and I got it for $36CAD at amazon.ca. Don’t forget to order via your favourite affiliate, but definitely order it.

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