This 15 minute video kept my crew and I busy for a few weeks this summer. Produced in association with the Canadian law firm McCarthy T├ętrault, this hybrid video/kinetic type animation explains in simple terms the reasoning behind proper record keeping in the modern age.

It also serves to introduce best practices as defined by The Sedona Canada Principles, Working Group 7, and practicing lawyers and judges in the field.

Software used included Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, After Effects and Sony Vegas. Hosting is provided by the new Vimeo Pro service.

Voice: Andrew Hanna, PNA
Written by: Kyla Schmidt, Thomas NT Sutton
Animation: Rick Dolishny, Todd Morgan
Camera: Adrian Parks
Directed/Edited by: Rick Dolishny
Produced by: Thomas NT Sutton, Partner, Litigation, McCarthy T├ętrault