Some of my favourite Facebook is … not

Some of my favourite Facebook is … not

I always thought the restriction imposed with the Rick is… brings out the best in me, and others. As a father I know kids come up with the most creative solutions to restrictions, and having that stupid Facebook “is…” was one of the best.

I say was, because today FB lifted this restriction, and I’ve been laughing ever since.

What are some of your favourite new status’. I’m sure people won’t mind being imortalized, but you can replace the names if you like with “x”.

Jane Luk wants candy…!
Ted Onyszczak is going to kep using is for a while. He doesn’t adjust quickly to paradigm shifts.
Chris Barnes has been… damn it’s hard to come up with a status that doesn’t include is.

Kerry Griffin IS damnit, he really IS.

Andrew Currie is — wait, I don’t have to work around “is” anymore? This is awesome!!!1!

Rick Dolishny can’t believe he doesn’t have to start his status with “is”. He’s so excited he’s going to poke himself again!!!

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