Podcast Amnesty Week

Podcast Amnesty Week

Every year I check into my Podcast subscriptions. Some are dropped and some stay. Here is my short-list of Podcasts that are in constant rotation on the dolish.com ipod. The ‘$’ dollar sign indicates they have been renewed for another year of donations.
1. No Agenda $
By far the most listened to and most valuable Podcast on my RSS feed. The Podfather himself Adam Curry and Tech veteran John C. Dvorak (otherwise knows as Crackpot and Buzzkill) dish out the news mainstream media doesn’t have the time (intelligence) to report. These guys watch C-Span for you, and look deep into the About pages of American Healthcare, H1N2 Flu, the Recession, Genetically Modified Foods and even the odd UFO story. Unlike late-nite fave Coast To Coast, this is an intelligent review of the real news countered with the “Real News” mainstream media wants you to know. They take the time to explain the backstory, and take a lot of time to make the connections for you. I particularly enjoy their reluctance to use the term “Conspiracty Theory” rather, simply, “Marketing.” No one seems to be talking about how Big Pharma lost a lot of money on the last “Bird Flu” and they won’t let that happen again this time. But Adam and John do. The manufacturers of the swine flu vaccine are going to make a fortune after a less-than-stellar couple of years. A must donate.2. This Week in Tech $
Down from number one last year, Leo Laporte and the gang offer relevant and intelligent tech news. It’s become a bit more chatty/gossipy with a bit less meat. But Leo keeps the show together and I am sure to listen to each episode religiously.

3. Jordan Jesse Go! $
Absolutely irreverant and hilarious comedy podcast produced by the talented Jesse Thorne and Jordan Morris. Apparently every episode involved masturbation and video games, so if you go in expecting a level of humour at that level you will be surprised with the added layer of intelligent and appreciateive guests.

4. The Sound of Young America $
Also produced by Jesse Thorne in his apartment, this podcast is a more subdued interview show with guests that are of interest to Jesse and him alone. It’s a hit or miss affair, but provides deep insight into the creative process.

5. CBC Radio 3
Host Grant Lawrence must be a nice guy, but his voice delivery on the Podcast is really starting to annoy me. It would be off the list, except for the fact that the playlist absolutely offers the zeitgeist of modern Canadian indie music.

6. NPR All Songs Considered
Along the same theme as Radio 3, All Songs offers a more global look at interesting music. More often than not, the playlist has a healthy dose of Canadian indie music. Check out the ancillary All Songs concert feed if you want more.

7. Luxology Modcast
On the cusp of popular interest is the modo Podcast hosted by Luxology CEO Brad Peebler. His extremely casual tone introduces me to the cool new features of my favourite modelling app modo. Very geeky and lots of fun.

8. Adam Carolla Show
This nearly daily hour plus show is better than what Howard Stern could have done five years ago when he became disenfranchised with terrestrial media. Carrola is burning through severance with his previous employer and doing what everyone in Hollywood apparently wants to do: sit in a garage and talk about shit for free. His guest have run the gamut of Bob Odenkirk, Mike Tyson, Adam Sandler, and other comedy and Hollywood greats. The week of this post he interviewd one of my heroes Dave Thomas. I hope it’s a good interview.

9. Digital Detroit Radio
Finally, poor Matt may have burned out, but the archive of DDR episodes are still relevant and offer some excellent examples of indie new wave tracks. Matt if you’re listening: your friends are begging for more!!! Add a donate box – you might be surprised with the results from your fans. Even though your releases have slowed to a trickle, your show is worthy of staying on my list.

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