PeterTweeters Mascot: PeterTweeter

PeterTweeters Mascot: PeterTweeter


PeterTweeter - Creative Commons License Rick Dolishny

EDIT: PeterTweeter is the mascot of this year’s PeterTweeter Awards! Thank you @ptbo_skeptic and the committee for your support!

I owe the success of my move to the Kawarthas to Twitter.

The #creativecocktails and #thinkPTBO hashtags, along with the musings of countless artists, designers and other creative professionals reinforce the positive community vibe in this beautiful part of the world.

When I heard about the PeterTweeters awards coming up this March, I wanted to give back to the community who has been so good to me and my family. The Award Ceremony is a celebration of the energy, humour and technology that makes Peterborough so unique.

I present to Peterborough: PeterTweeter.

Not sure if there’s a mascot already – I don’t want to interfere with anyone who may have done one already… but this is a labour of love and the group organizing it is welcome to use it if they like it.

Of course any representation of Peterborough wouldn’t be complete with some cozy plaid, and a permanent happy disposition.

I created PeterTweeter in a marathon modelling and texturing session (including some tricky FiberFX scuplting) in Lightwave3D. You can download a hirez copy here.

EDIT: a web site for more information hosted by one of the event organizers Donald Fraser.