menupalace dot spam

menupalace dot spam

Man, I’ve been trying to get off the spam list on Toronto based for several months now without luck. I bartered a job for an out-of-town client and he offered to “buy me and my wife dinner” and thought it would be a good idea to provide them with my email address.

I think they make their business selling online gift certificates to really expensive restaurants. I took a look at a few, but they were all places my wife and I had never heard of, and with the cheezy $50 coupon they emailed me, I was still going to drop close to a benjamin.

Hey, I’m as 905 Swiss Chalet as they come. Fancy means not driving to Tim Hortons for dessert.

I’ve spoken with IT, left countless messages through their handy web-form, and spoken to the only people who seem to be answering their phone: sales. But have to admit my latest approach seems to be the one that will work based on some positive reactions from restaurant owners, who probably aren’t aware of the shifty company that they’ve aligned themselves with. I’m calling all of the restaurants and telling them under no uncertain terms will I visit “restaurant A” as long as they advertise with

I could have blacklisted them from my mailserver ages ago but now I’m just in a masochistic timeline seeing how long this can possibly last.

If you can tell me what this company is about and what exactly they do (other than spam people like myself) please let me know. Comments are open.

PS: to the guy I did the small job for, you owe me $100. Not in menupalace money, really canadian dineros.

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  • In the interest of full disclosure, the president of the company himself called me and it appears to be resolved.No details, just it’s done.But not before reminding him that there was not way to unsubscribe on the web site and there should have been.In 29 days we’ll see if that’s been taken care of!

  • I used to work for, we had people like yourself calling in all the time, and yes.. directed them to the sales department. where they were told they would be removed from the list asap, but as you already know that never took place. So you are right.. are spammers…

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