This story falls under the category of ‘unbelievable‘ and a little bit ‘crazy‘ but it’s the truth.

I was working a lot of strange hours and getting all ramped up for winter, and found myself nearly passed out in the Springville Pioneer gas station just west of Peterborough contemplating my next move. On promo was an energy drink I’d never heard of, with some pictures of angry shirtless men taunting me to try the Xyience Mango Guava Premium.

I’m a sucker for Guava. Seriously. I paid for the drink and swiped my loyalty card. Pioneer really does have one of the best and easiest to understand loyalty programs.

The drink was delicious and I’m here today so I must have survived the sleep deprivation I was under.

Next thing I know, I’m getting a call from Tori at Pioneer congratulating me on my grand prize win: I won tickets for two to a UFC fight in Las Vegas! Flight and hotel all included!
Of course, anyone that knows me could imagine that the first thing I did was look up UFC on wikipedia. I had heard about the sport, and I have clients that are definitely very big fans, but I had no idea the scope and level of excitement surrounding a proper UFC fight. Especially one on Xyience home turf Las Vegas.

Word spread fast among friends and family that I won the grand prize. It’s amazing how many people not only know about the sport intimately, but knew the fight number (143) and the title card (Diaz and Condit). Visit the amazing website for more details on the event.

So mom’s taking care of the kids, and Susan and I are going to live it up for a long weekend February 2-5th 2012.

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As a video editor, may I say this trailer kicks ass. Very, very nice.