Here’s what’s been going on with me over the past year or so. In September, 2009, I signed up for a few courses that have been on my wish-list for years.

First, the wait-list at the extremely competitive Web Application Development course at Durham College opened up, and I was accepted the week after it started. I spent the rest of the term catching up: some of the work was pretty intense, but I loved it. Advanced Flash, Action Script, JavaScript, some Math and Writing courses … a well designed curriculum that I highly recommend.

Second, I took the advice of just about every Career Coach and HR person I’d been speaking with and signed up for the University of Toronto School of Business Project Management course. I’ve worked with some excellent project managers from agencies like Organic, Inc., and I knew that this was a skill set that needed development. This is a three-term course that ends July 2010. At that point, I hope to write my PMP exam.

I’m really enjoying my PM classes and learning about the tools available to properly track all aspects of any project – I wish I had this knowledge while running the Toronto Digital Image Festival for eight years! Costing and trend analysis is pure enlightenment for someone who did it ‘the hard way’.

I’m also consulting in the Visual Effects and Special Event industries during my down time, also known as ‘Saturdays’.

But right now, I’m looking for something between a summer Internship, a Project Co-ordinator, or a PM position at an Interactive or Mobile Agency, or with a web or software development company. Email me for a resume! – R

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