And the Taxes Continue

And the Taxes Continue

At the bottom of a pile of taxes …. a receipt from 1988 that I just didn’t know what to do with until I startup up an animation blog. Here is the receipt from my first Amiga 2000, with a 1080 monitor, and a copy of Photon Paint for good measure. If the scan isn’t clear, that cost this third-year Photo Arts student $2600.

It’s safe to say this combination of hardware, display device, and software is eclipsed by my Palm Tungsten sitting in a drawer somewhere.

One thought on “And the Taxes Continue

  • Ah yes, a few short years later I paid $2,000 for a 500mb (that’s Megabyte) 5 1/4″ double height harddrive for my A2000. Shame I didn’t save the receipts…

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