Welcome Multimedia Design (MEDI 2302) Video Production

(The following blog was created by me as the teacher of a Multi-Media class at Durham College, as a way to get to know my students and share their work with the world.)

Please take a moment to introduce yourself and include two references:

1. Include a sample of your favourite work from first year. You can link to YouTube, a URL on your site, or if you’re thinking of illustrations or photos, consider using Flickr, yfrog, twitpic, etc., along with the link.

2. Include a link to someone else’s video (short film, animation, music video… etc) that’s captured your imagination, and give a brief (1-3 sentence) description of why you like it and how it may define your own style.

This exercise will help me understand your interests. This assignment is worth an easy 5 marks. For privacy, you can post as anonymous but follow up with an email so I’m clear who submitted what.

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