Bikini Party Massacre: Indie Horror Film from 2001

[tube][/tube] Preface I’m fortunate in that I don’t have a very long bucket list. I’m pretty passionate about things that I like, and tend to just go for it first and think about it later. This strategy doesn’t necessarily make me a popular ’employee’ or ‘team player’ most of the time, but on the other Read more about Bikini Party Massacre: Indie Horror Film from 2001[…]

Two Twitter Geeks + One Private Jet + Peterborough + Sunday New York Times = Feelgood Petertweeter Story of the Year

NEW: Here’s a direct link to a short film I produced for the PeterTweeter Awards. [tube][/tube] I just moved to Peterborough, Ontario (about 90 minutes north east of Toronto) and was trying to settle into my new home and new city. Despite the date, Sunday March 18 2012, the sun was shining and the birds Read more about Two Twitter Geeks + One Private Jet + Peterborough + Sunday New York Times = Feelgood Petertweeter Story of the Year[…]


[tube][/tube] [tube][/tube] This story falls under the category of ‘unbelievable‘ and a little bit ‘crazy‘ but it’s the truth. I was working a lot of strange hours and getting all ramped up for winter, and found myself nearly passed out in the Springville Pioneer gas station just west of Peterborough contemplating my next move. On Read more about I’M GOING TO UFC143 RWAAARRRRR!!!!![…]

PeterTweeters Mascot: PeterTweeter

  EDIT: PeterTweeter is the mascot of this year’s PeterTweeter Awards! Thank you @ptbo_skeptic and the committee for your support! I owe the success of my move to the Kawarthas to Twitter. The #creativecocktails and #thinkPTBO hashtags, along with the musings of countless artists, designers and other creative professionals reinforce the positive community vibe in this Read more about PeterTweeters Mascot: PeterTweeter[…]

Peterborough Video for the Web

All Inclusive Peterborough corporate video: $495 for the shoot, edit, and ready for YouTube If you’re a small-medium sized business owner in Peterborough, Ontario, you’ve probably been thinking of hiring a local video producer to demonstrate a product or service. I’ve been producing instructional, broadcast and corporate videos for over 20 years, and my small Read more about Peterborough Video for the Web[…]

Welcome Multimedia Design (MEDI 2302) Video Production

(The following blog was created by me as the teacher of a Multi-Media class at Durham College, as a way to get to know my students and share their work with the world.) Please take a moment to introduce yourself and include two references: 1. Include a sample of your favourite work from first year. Read more about Welcome Multimedia Design (MEDI 2302) Video Production[…]