Launching a Web App with Teamwork Project and Desk

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m crazy about well-written software and, in particular, software that helps me work smarter, not harder. And when it comes to project management software, it’s the suite of products from that I turn to all day long. Teamwork Projects Teamwork Projects is what I’ve been using for years, from[…]

This cold-call email got my attention … for the wrong reasons.

I received an unsolicited email that sent me on a goose chase trying to figure it out, including scrolling past adult video retail sites search results to find my answers. If this sounds like a disaster in email marketing, you are correct. As an Interactive Project Manager, I know you’ve only got one chance to[…]

3AM Social Media Updates

This astonishingly and highly unusual email I received from electronic music DJ and composer Moby that breaks almost every rule about social media marketing… or it creates some new rules. I realize we’re making this up as we go along, but blogging at 3AM and deliriously composing a meandering message with poor grammar, no sentence structure, in[…]

Shannon Larratt 1973-2013

“As the saying goes, “by the time you read this I’ll be dead.” Toronto based artist and activist Shannon Larratt passed away last month. The word of his death was quickly passed on among the BME (Body Manipulation Ezine) community, a culture I don’t participate in but I respect for a number of reasons. You can read his touching End[…]