Rogers MMS Nightmare

Let me start by saying this is not another Rogers Sucks blog post. Those fish in a barrel posts are dime a dozen, and I have a few nice things to say about Rogers and the service they provide. In fact, after moving to Peterborough Ontario where Rogers doesn’t offer home phone or cable TV,[…]

Legal Advice I Can Eat

I’ve been fortunate to have had the pleasure of working on video projects with two of Canada’s largest law firms, McCarthy Tétrault this year and Lenczner Slaght last year. I’ve also signed some of the most stringent Non Disclosure Agreements, so that’s about all you’re going to hear about these projects for the next 99[…]


Here’s what’s been going on with me over the past year or so. In September, 2009, I signed up for a few courses that have been on my wish-list for years. First, the wait-list at the extremely competitive Web Application Development course at Durham College opened up, and I was accepted the week after it[…]

Podcast Amnesty Week

Every year I check into my Podcast subscriptions. Some are dropped and some stay. Here is my short-list of Podcasts that are in constant rotation on the ipod. The ‘$’ dollar sign indicates they have been renewed for another year of donations. 1. No Agenda $ By far the most listened to and most[…]

“Disney Presents: The Animation Studio for Amiga”, or, “Tech Support Before the Internet”

I was reading a Facebook status update from Charles Blaqière about the demise of his Imagine3D for Amiga discs and books. I dealt with a crate of AmigaOS floppies last year and resigned to sending them to landfill. I spared the Amiga200 and A3000 a similar fate, and I have an impressive shelf dedicated to[…]